Belly Dancer in Sydney - Performance Guides and Ideas

Belly Dancer in Sydney

Corporate Functions, Product Launches - Hire a Belly dancer

belly dancer Jane Make an Impact for your catered event!

Our stage performances will captivate your clients with dazzling colours and dynamics. We can cater to your specified requirements for theming arrangements. From promotional marketing to themed Arabian staged events. Glamorous solo or group performances including all props to compliment our shows with sword balancing, gold wings, stick, swords, zills, live diamond python snakes and shamadan (candelabra) in high class designer Egyptian costumes embedded with crystals. We will design our show to suit your programme.

Our highly trained professional dancers will ensure your special function is both successful and fun.

"Entertainment is food for the party"!

Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagements, Christenings - Hire a Belly dancer

belly dancer weddingsYour guests will be mezmorized with a colourful and dynamic floor show. Our performances include sword balancing, gold wings, stick (saiidi), zills (finger cymbols). Bride/Groom and audience participation incorporated. We can include extras such as live diamond python snake, shamadan or El-Zaffa enterance.

Hire Solo or group belly dance performances for your special day to create that WOW factor.

Wedding entertainment

Hen's Parties/Bridal Showers - Hire a Bellydancer

belly dancer hens partyShimmy all your stresses away as you learn one of the oldest dances with your friends. Have fun and laughter with this ancient artform. Focus around the Hen's girl with hipscarf provided. Egyptian techniques taught along with dance interaction with Hens girls. More about Hen's parties...

Henna Tatto artist and more hip scarves available upon request.

Kid's parties - Hire a Bellydancer

belly dancer kids partiesbelly dancer kids partiesDance like Shakira and Beyonce!

Let us take the stress off you and entertain your kids for an hour.We will teach them basic bellydance movements, play Arabian games and include pass the parcel with glittering costumes and accessories to create that Arabian Theme for your child's birthday party.

Henna Tatto artist and more hip scarves available upon request.

Birthday Parties, Themed Parties

belly dancer party"Entertainment is food for your party!"

Let your guests be mezmorized with the exotic and mysterious sounds of Middle Eastern music.Audience participation and focus around the birthday person will create a vibrant atmosphere.

Surprise performances are a great way of adding that element of spice!

Weight Loss and Pregnancy - "Get Fit"

belly dancer partyBellydancing is a unique way to get into shape, keep flexible and be empowered! You work hundreds of muscles in the body, burn calories and de-stress. An hour of belly dance can burn as many as four hundred calories. The techniques are ideal for strengthening tummy muscles and is a low impact dance improving your health and wellbeing and therefore eleviating some of the stress during pregnancy.

Belly dance originated as a pre-natal dance thousands of years ago for pregnant women to assist with childbirth. The movements were traditionally utilized to demonstrate or ease childbirth. Many of the pelivic floor movements can be used during labour.

Health Benefits and Healing

belly dancer party"Your sensitive healing flow of your dancing streams will create rivers of abundance" - Jane Jardines J.P.

Renew your female body, mind and spirit. Empower yourself to make positive life changes. Bellydance emphasizes muscular isolations teaching the ability to move various muscle groups independently. Belly dance is considered a non-impact, weight bearing exercise reducing the risk of osteoporosis. There is minimal stress on the body. The benefits of belly dance are both mental and physical. Dancing provides a great cardio-vascular workout and helps increase both flexibility and strength. You can increase your breathing and raise your heart rate which can assist in building cardiovascular strength, not to mention strengthening your kegal muscle therefore improving sexual activity with your Lover.

Bellydance is equivalent to a meditation and will help you overcome adversities in life. Bellydance will honour your overflowing fertility and creative power and will connect you with your Divinity. Use this dance to aline your powerful energies and become harmoniously balanced. Sensual Healing will resonate in every cell of your body and your soul will be nourished with contentment. Your mind will exert the deepest influence on the body - if we nourish our bodies, our minds and hearts correspond, therefore cultivating gratitude and love. Bellydance releases negative energy resulting in contentment and a fulfilling life.

"Bellydance has healed, fulfilled and enriched my life in so many ways" - Jane Jardines J.P.

Learn an Ancient Exotic Dance and Entice your Partner

belly dancer party"Lovemaking opens your heart in a way that is truly Divine and Magical and there is no better way of achieving it than with Hypnotic Intoxication of Belly dance" - Jane Jardines J.P.

Have you ever considered surprising your partner (Husband, boyfriend, financee) with the mystical art of belly dance. Light some candles, put on some ancient exotic sounds of the drum rythms, wear an exotic Arabian outfit and you will exude female sensuality. He will be enticed by your femininity and myserious grace! Hypnotize him with the ancient art of belly dance and he will LOVE you even more if you take that extra time to make him feel special. It's truly a mysterious art form embracing sensuality and femininity and creates Fantasy and Fascination!

Feel like a Goddess of Creativity - "Feel Gorgeous"

belly dancer party"If you feel good, you look gorgeous and therefore LOVE life"!

Bellydance was practiced by the ancient temple priestesses of Ancient Greece as offering to the Gods and Goddesses. This dance will bring out the Goddess in You! Your body awareness and confidence will improve and you will feel empowered!

As a true Goddess, your life energy will be guided by every mystery and every miracle.



One-on-One Private Bellydance Lesson

belly dancer partyPrivate belly dance lessons from beginners to advances students. Jane can give you personalized tuition.

You will learn:

  • Classical Egyptian Technique
  • Proper Posture
  • How to execute techniques/movements
  • Elegance and grace



Make Friends, have fun and learn something exotic

belly dancer partyBellydance has emerged as one of the new hot workout trends in recent years.

Group bellydance classes are a great way to meet new friends and open your circle of social activities. You will meet like-minded women who want to build their confidence and empower themselves with feminine energy in the room.

All ages and nationalities welcome!



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